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Computational Services

MEAC also provides scientific computational services that includes solutions to research problems and scientific endeavors that require advanced computing tools. Our staff has experience with a variety of computing architectures, commercial/open-source software, and programming languages such as JAVA, C++, python and databases. We support a variety of computer architectures and operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

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VM and database hosting

We provide both managed and unmanaged hosting for virtual machines which are ideal for hosting small scale software that needs have a 24/7 uptime. We also provide hosting for popular databases that are fully managed by us along with additional CRUD interface that is easy to use.

Web design and development

Website services from start to finish built with WordPress, Drupal, Django, Hugo or other popular frameworks for both ASU branded and unbranded websites. In addition we also provide newsletter services that include design and testing.

Scientific software development

Software development services including consulting for using/compiling custom software, using ASU research computing cluster or OSG. We also specialize in developing and running complex computational pipelines.